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The New Mess

Posted by Daniel on May 15, 2007

Welcome along to the new UK Media Blog, which does exactly what it says on the tin. For those of you not lucky enough to have an insight on to the obvious, this is a commentary on media (TV, radio, online, newspapers and related stuff) with all the writings put in simple terms.

Media affects the world around us and particularly in Britain, with highly regulated radio, often liberally regulated television and almost not at all regulated newspapers, the UK media scene is as diverse now than it ever has been.

The UK is the home to the world’s biggest broadcaster, the BBC, (and no, I shall not cite my sources, I read it somewhere, ok?) and has a radio industry structure most countries are envious of. However, not all is perfect. Print media has heavy influence on public opinion thanks to the gutter press, ITV is dragging itself out of the wreckage of poor schedualing and dire ventures and the satellite vs. cable company’s war rages.

It’s an interesting environment and one which I hope to shed some light on for the uninitiated. For the initiated, I can offer nothing but my own commentary and criticism, for which I’m sure you’ll be happy to comment about.

Either way, let’s see what comes up.



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